动是吗&it’S to the Cloud…三思而后行


新型冠状病毒肺炎加剧了已经开始的趋势. One of those trends is moving environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) programs and related data to the cloud so it can be shared with a larger team and is accessible whenever and wherever needed. 对于一些嗯&中国的经理们,迫切需要搬迁EH&美国的云计算项目已经到来.

EH&管理者必须设计和实施EH&S 管理系统 – those processes and tools to establish and achieve the organization’s EH&S的目标——因此它们为组织带来价值. Leveraging digital 管理系统 allows the sharing of information across the organization to reduce costs and risks, 提高安全和生产力, 和管理合规. The 新型冠状病毒肺炎 experience highlights the importance of technology to share and access information, 沟通, 优化和提高EH&年代的过程. This moment presents opportunities to leverage technology to streamline EH&S流程和增强您的数字管理系统:

  • 文件及记录管理
  • 许可证和法规遵从性/任务管理
  • 合规的日历
  • 事件管理
  • 检查与审计管理
  • 培训学习管理
  • 安全工具,如工作危害分析, 锁定/标记能量控制程序, 和安全观察
  • 环境监测和整治数据
  • EH&性能指标、数据分析和仪表板
  • Work flows to orchestrate, coordinate, and integrate these tools across the organization

有很多方法可以推动EH的发展&it’S程序到云端, from highly-configurable platforms like 微软Office 365 and Google’s G Suite to niche software for specific applications like CR360, 布雷迪, and HuComply; and more powerful and integrated enterprise solutions like Gensuite, Enablon, ProcessMAP, 和Intelex. 不管你最终选择哪条路, organizations should follow a disciplined process perhaps best summarized as “measure twice, 减少一次”.


微软Office 365, SharePoint, and PowerApps provide a surprising capacity to serve as a central platform for an EH&年代内部网站点. SharePoint是2002年发布的文档管理系统, but has evolved over the years to serve as a platform for connecting corporate offices to multiple facilities, 现场操作, 以及远程数据采集点. SharePoint sites provide a single infrastructure for collaborative intranet and extranet sites that is highly configurable to the specific needs of an organization. 这些工具的简单性是基于Excel的使用, 词, and PDF forms to collect operational data and store it in relational SharePoint lists that allow the collection, 控制, 分析, 以及在团队成员之间共享业务数据的报告. Mobile apps can be built seamlessly on PowerApps or on third-party form builder apps (e.g., Nintex表单,K2)和移动应用程序表单构建器(e.g., FastField, Field iD, and Formotus) to allow data collection in the field and remote locations. SharePoint can interface with many other programs to allow importing and exporting of data, 以及通过数据分析增强的报告.

Intranet sites and applications using Office 365 and SharePoint do not require any computer coding, 但确实需要一些使用SharePoint的培训和经验, especially for more advanced functionality such as creating and integrating workflows. 组织经常需要帮助来发展EH&S SharePoint sites, especially those requiring greater functionality and integration. Internal resources can be supplemented with the use of experienced consultants, 专业公司, 或者两者的组合. Many 专业公司 that offer SharePoint site development do not provide ongoing site administrative support. The Microsoft Office suite of tools provides graphical user menus that have become intuitive for many, 但是这些工具在不断发展,需要管理. Many organizations find some combination of in-house resources and consulting services for hosting, 常规管理, 维护, 和更新是吗&年代内部网站点s provide the resources needed for successful projects. 一个SharePoint-based呃&年代内部网站点 can be attractive for organizations that are already on Office 365, since it requires little in additional licensing fees and other costs. 仍然, 微软Office 365和SharePoint也有他们的批评者, and many organizations prefer custom software applications or require more powerful and integrated tools.


More powerful enterprise-wide solutions are available from a variety of vendors. These programs offer great functionality with integrated workflows. That functionality comes at a cost in the form of initial and ongoing annual licensing fees based on the number of functional modules selected, and the number of facilities and users that connect to the system. Many organizations start with a few foundational modules like permit and compliance task management, 合规的日历, 符合性验证和审计, and incident reporting and management that they can build on over time. 人们对这些系统的开发投入了大量的思考, and most offer a high degree of workflow and integration with shared data between modules. They have been tested by users over time; however, 通常情况下组织和他们的EH&S budget conforms to the software rather than the other way around.


参加EH课程的选择多种多样&美国的云计算程序可能势不可挡, and finding the time to evaluate and 实现 digital management system improvements can be challenging. It is critical that organizations get buy-in from internal stakeholders, 例如人力资源, 信息技术, 生产和操作, 法律, 和行政管理. Not involving critical stakeholders or taking the wrong path can be counterproductive and costly. Having an experienced navigator to help define data management needs, 地图流程和改进, 评估选择, 选择和设计解决方案, 和主机, 部署, 实现, and maintain your digital 管理系统 can make all the difference.

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