Conduct Your SPCC Annual Training 虚拟ly

By: 迈克Arozarena

Since its inception in 2005, 全球十大赌博靠谱的平台 has been a virtual environmental consulting firm – we are used to working remotely.  Knowing that companies will still be required to keep up with regulatory training despite the restrictions due to the 新型冠状病毒肺炎 pandemic, we have the resources to help you virtually.

为何培训 Regulation Requirements

The Spill 上一页ention, 控制, and Countermeasure (SPCC) regulations require annual training of your oil-handling staff.[1] Training content must address the operation and maintenance of equipment to prevent discharges; discharge procedure protocols; applicable pollution control laws, 规则, and regulations; general facility operations; and the contents of the facility’s SPCC Plan.  Regulated facilities must schedule and conduct discharge prevention briefings for oil-handling personnel at least once a year to assure adequate understanding of the SPCC Plan developed specifically for the facility. Such briefings must highlight and describe known discharges or failures, malfunctioning components, and any recently developed precautionary measures.

There is tremendous flexibility in the specific content and method of training. As long as the training program addresses the required content and achieves the regulation’s goals, the regulated facility can decide how best to convey the training to its staff.

虚拟 为何培训

For safety reasons, consider conducting annual SPCC training virtually rather than in person. Our experienced scientists and engineers routinely develop and certify SPCC Plans, and do SPCC audits for our industrial clients – we know the SPCC regulations inside and out. As a virtual company, we are prepared to provide remote training of your personnel, reducing their potential exposure to others. We can prepare or conduct the training (or both).

With some input from you, we can tailor an SPCC training program to your site to make the training presentation feel more personalized for your employees.  例如, 与你的帮助, we can include photographs of stormwater outfalls, 油源, and structural controls.

Bottom line – 全球十大赌博靠谱的平台 understands all businesses are different and we are here to provide customized solutions to meet your needs remotely.

For more information on conducting your SPCC plan virtually, contact 迈克Arozarena today at or 迈克

[1] 40 CFR§112.7(f)

迈克ArozarenaABOUT THE AUTHOR Michael Arozarena has over 33 years of technical and project management experience in the environmental field. His diverse work background includes environmental consulting, private industry, and the U.S. 环境 Protection Agency Research Center. His areas of experience include plant-level regulatory compliance; EHS compliance audits; environmental permitting; stormwater and wastewater monitoring; aboveground storage tank testing; ambient air monitoring; and hazardous waste treatment technology evaluations… 阅读更多


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